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Roseville Rumble 8U

8U Roseville Rumble Rules

Time limit:

 - Games are 65 minutes


- 11" Softie Softball will be used. 

- Machine Pitching will be done by a Coach from the batting team using a Louisville Slugger Blue Flame 'slingshot' pitching machine. The machine will be set toapproximately 30-35 mph.

- The Pitcher and Corner Infielders must wear a defensive mask.

- Middle Infielders are encouraged to wear defensive masks.

- Catchers must wear a helmet, face mask, chest protector, and leg guards.

- Batters must wear a helmet with a face mask and chinstrap.

Field of Play:

-The Pitching distance is at 30'.

-The on-deck batter must be in an on-deck-circle behind the batter (without regard to their dugout).

Offensive & Defensive Rules:

- On offense, roster batting is used (every Player must bat), but if a Player has to leave the game, this does not create an automatic out when her spot comes up to bat; just skip her spot and continue batting.

- A minimum of 6 players, maximum of 10 players must be on the field each defensive half-inning.

- Each half-inning ends with the accumulation of 3 outs, or the maximum of 5 runs allowed being scored.

Game Rules:

- The strike zone is defined vertically from the forward armpit to the forward knee, and horizontally is defined as the width of the plate plus the diameter of a ball.

- Bunting (defined as a "checked swing" with the hands separated into a bunting position) is not allowed. Checked swings are allowed, but not if hitting off a Tee.

- A ball hit off the T must travel at least 3 ft. into fair territory to be considered a "fair" ball. Balls hit off the T that do not travel the required distance should be considered "foul" and so called by the Umpire. Umpires may draw an arc in fair territory, 3 ft. from the back of home plate, to assist with the interpretation of thisrule.

- Runners may leave the base when the 'Pitched' ball leaves the 'Pitcher'.

- A Runner may be called out for Leaving Early. The first two instances of Leaving Early called per game shall be Warnings; subsequent Leaving Early calls are outs.

There is no stealing of bases.

- There is no "Infield Fly Rule".

- There is no advancing on an overthrow in the infield.

- On a ball hit to the outfield, release of a throw to the infield stops runners from advancing beyond the base they were moving towards when the throw was released.


- After three called and/or swinging strikes, a Tee will be brought in, and the batter  will hit off the Tee.

- Attempts to hit off the Tee are unlimited, and the offensive Coach assisting on the  field is allowed to help the Batter.

- There are no strikeouts (and no "dropped third strike" advancing to first base).

- There are no bases-on-balls. It is the Coach's responsibility to 'pitch strikes'; balls  are not tallied.

- Umpires need to call Strikes. Although there are no bases-on-balls awarded, a  Batter is not penalized for taking a Ball. Taking a Strike, however, does result in a called  Strike.

- A batter is not awarded first base if hit by a pitch.

Foul balls are unlimited.


    In addition to Bench Coaching, and 1st and 3rd Base coaches, Defensive Coaches are allowed on the field with their team's defense; although not limited in number, Coaches are expected to use common sense to keep the game experience "feeling like a game"; these Coaches must position themselves in a way that they do not disrupt the play. Suggested positioning for the Coaches is behind the base paths, towards the Outfield grass.

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